Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Fitness Check-in 5.13.14

My weekly check-in:
5/5: 40 minutes = 40 minutes total
5/6: 10 minutes = 50 minutes total
5/7: 10 minutes = 60 minutes total
5/8: 150 minutes = 210 minutes total
5/9: 30 minutes = 240 minutes total for the week **all was walking**
On 5/8, I was at the zoo for 4 hours but only tracked a portion of the time as I knew I wasn't walking the entire time. On 5/8 & 5/9 I did a few hours of shopping in addition to what is listed but I didn't track it as it was hard to determine how much of that I actually walked.

I reached my goal of working out 150 minutes or more per week. I normally do my weigh-ins on Sundays but with traveling and Mother's Day I forgot so I jumped on the scale this morning and I was down 1 lb. from last week, 2lbs. total from my starting weight.
I'm a little disappointment with how much walking I did last week that I'm only lost 1 lb. but I didn't eat very well and it wasn't a high intensity work out so I'm sure that's why. My goal this week is to do more high intensity work-outs to reach my 150 minutes.

Reminder for the week (this one is SOOOO hard for me!):

don't reward yourself with food
via healthylivingforyou

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