Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Bathroom Tray

Happy Friday Y'all!

Our bathroom vanity has two sinks and has a good amount of space between the sinks and I knew I wanted to add a cute little tray there to house some commonly used items.

picture from the day we moved in
I looked around but I just wasn't finding anything I liked so I decided to DIY it myself.

I started by getting the materials I would need. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby where I picked up everything I would need and thanks to some of it being 50% off, it was a fairly inexpensive project.

DIY Bathroom Tray
Items needed:

DIY Bathroom Tray

So first I started by cutting the fabric down to size. I left each side just a little bit longer than the size of the glass so I could pull taut. I taped the fabric to the back of the cardboard that came with the frame to keep it in place so it was even. Then I put the frame back together and flipped it over.

DIY Bathroom Tray

My next step was to add the handles. My plan was to screw them in but the screws that came with the handles were way too long for the frame so I went with my back-up plan, to use hot glue.
DIY Bathroom TrayI just eyeballed the middle of each side and glued the handles down. You could measure so they were exact but to me I just wanted them to look even.
*disclaimer: I have had the handles pop off once since doing this project last July, however I just re-glued them and it's fine now*

I actually like that I didn't screw the handles to the frame because if I ever want to use the frame for it's intended purpose, I'll be able to as the hot glue will peel right off.

I love that this was such an easy project that took less than 30 minutes to do but it just gives our bathroom counter a little something extra.

DIY Bathroom Tray
 I also love that it has some decoration items but holds our rings, perfume, and cologne which are things we use every day so this way they aren't just sitting out on the counter or that we don't have to put them away and get them out to use every day.

DIY Bathroom Tray
Total for this project was $37.75, so for under $40 I have this cute and totally functional bathroom tray. You could spend significantly less if you used more items you had on hand such as a frame, candles, etc. but either way a very inexpensive way to dress up the bathroom.
DIY Bathroom Tray

If you don't have room in your bathroom for a tray this would also be perfect in a living room, bedroom, or in the kitchen.

Have a great weekend, I'm crossing my fingers it will warm up here a bit, this whole 35 degree weather in May just isn't cutting it for me.

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