Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"WILT Wednesdays" 4.9.14

Happy Wednesday! I'm in a fabulous mood today because it's gorgeous outside! 80 degrees baby, time to break out the swimsuits and sunnies!
baby pool

Okay, so that picture is not from today, it's from 4th of July last summer but the thought of being able to break out the pool soon gets me SO SO SO excited!
So on to the actual point of this post. I'm here today to provide a public service announcement to all those idiots out there who have not yet figure out that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! Don't get me wrong, I love leggings but you need to have a shirt on that is long enough to cover your cooter and pooper (yes those are technical terms).
Say it with me ladies (and maybe some gents?), I will wear a shirt long enough to cover my camel toe, I will wear a shirt long enough to cover my camel toe, I will wear a shirt long enough to cover my camel toe. K, now repeat that to yourself at least 50 more times so you don't become one these people who end up in a post of mine later on for calling you out on wearing shit like this:
Renee Zellweger Leggings
via leggings are not pants
Are you wearing a cup under those leggings Renee?

Granny Panties with Leggings
source unknown
As if your ass not being covered wasn't enough we also get the pleasure a full view of your granny panty....

weird ass shape in leggings
via AdopteUnLegging Twitter
These leggings are so tight that they forced her ass in to an abnormal shape...that's never a good sign.

seeing underwear through leggings
via Sweet Clothes of Mine 
Ummmm, cute underwear. So glad I can read what they say. Oh, and that run in the leggings that is right in the middle of your ass crack, real klassy.

seeing a thong through leggings
via imgur
This is so wrong on so many levels that I almost can't find words for it. I mean really not only is your ass not covered while you're wearing leggings, but they're also see-through, oh you're wearing a thong, AND you're wearing a pad. Someone explain how one wears a pad with a thong, I just don't understand this whole situation.

And lastly, just to re-iterate:

why leggings are not pants
via The Fashion Police


I think you get the point (at least I hope you do) but let's just be clear that I don't ever want to see anyone I know breaking this rule and you better believe that if you do I will take a picture and post it on the internet to call you out,. And that's why you all love me so much :)

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