Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Favorite Pinterest Finds - April Fools Day Pranks 4.1.14

So whatever I was sick with I believe I passed on to Adriana. I'll explain more tomorrow but I wanted to get started today with my April Fools Prank ideas that I found on Pinterest. Instead of doing a weekly round-up this week, I thought it'd be fun to do a themed post. So enjoy these fabulous ideas and please make sure to try at least 1 today:

I was listening to the radio this morning and on the morning show they were talking about when you take a bite of something or a drink of a beverage and it's not what you were expecting. Hence this fabulous idea:
Aprils Fools Day Prank - Caramel Onions
via mommy needs a break
Oh yeah, those are onions dipped in caramel disguised as caramel apples. How horribly disgusting would that be to bite in to an onion, bleh.
Next up is a classic prank I actually used to pull at house parties just because it's fucking hilarious:

April Fools Day Prank - Faucet Sprayer
via mommy needs a break
The good ol' rubber band on the sink sprayer. For those of you who are a little slow at catching on, let me help you out. The rubber band holds down the sprayer nozzle so when the faucet is turned on, the person gets sprayed. Seriously one of the most hilarious things I have ever witnessed in my life. Although, I do have to say that with the invention of these new all-in-one faucet/sprayers, they kind of ruin the fun for all of us.
I was actually planning to pull this prank at work today until I realized our copier/printer isn't a Xerox:

April Fools Day Prank - Copier/Printer
via the meta picture
I was fully prepared to listen to people talk to the machine all day so I'm a little disappointed that it won't happen. *for those of you wondering why I didn't print off one for the type of copier/printer we have, it's a new machine with an unusual name and I couldn't find one on the internet and I'm way to lazy to type one up myself*

So let me start this next one out by saying that I'm not a big fan of Oreo's. For those of you that just gasped in horror, let me explain further. I do like the outsides but I DESPISE that nasty white crap on the inside so I either a.) don't eat them at all or b.) scrap off the white crap and eat the outsides. Why am I giving you all this random information about myself you may be asking, well, because this next prank wouldn't work on me but it would sure be funny to watch it work on someone else:

April Fools Day Prank - Toothpaste Oreo
via dump a day
P.S. that Oreo comic is pretty funny
Next is another genius toothpaste prank, but this time, the person will be expecting the toothpaste, just not what they're going to get along with it:

April Fools Day Prank - Numbing Toothpaste
via dump a day
I would cut someone if they did this to me just because I have such a weird thing with my mouth being numb, but nonetheless, an exceptionally great prank.

I have a sick obsession with bathroom humor and I literally laughed out loud when I saw this:

April Fools Day Prank - Toilet Seat
via dump a day
To everyone I know, watch out! This may or may not be happening to you very soon!
I've saved the best for last:

April Fools Day Prank - airhorn
via dump a day
I vote this as the best prank because this would literally make me piss my pants, whether I was on the receiving end or watching it happen. I would much rather be watching but either way, I'm not one to hate on a good prank so I'd take one for the team and be the prankee.
Hope you enjoyed my very first list of favorite April Fools Day Pranks, be sure to give a few of them a try yourself!

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