Friday, April 11, 2014

Jewelry Organization

So today is a bittersweet Friday for me. On one hand, it's Friday so hell yes it's almost the weekend! On the other hand, it's the last Friday that I'll spend as a 26 year old. I know everyone says you only getter better with age, but when you're already perfect like I am, can't I just stay young? Just kidding of course! (...kinda)

When I was thinking about the layout of our master bedroom I was trying to figure out a good solution to store my jewelry but also have it be decorative. I hate having all of my jewelry on my dresser because it gets messy and I don't keep it organized at all. So I started browsing Pinterest for some ideas and after seeing a few inspiration pictures, I came up with something on my own on a random day trip to Target.

Jewelry Organization

I started by figuring out what I wanted the end product to have and I came up with the following list:
  1. Something to hang my long necklaces so they don't get tangled
  2. Storage for my shorter necklaces
  3. Sorted storage for all of my earrings by type (studs, dangly, larger/dressy, etc.)
  4. Visible bracelet storage
  5. Somewhere to put my fashion rings

I took a trip to Target and started looking around for items that would fall in to the list above. First I found the black shelves in both a long and short style and thought they would be perfect. They are the Threshold Wall Shelves and I believe I got 11" for the shorter shelves and 23" for the longer shelf, both in black.

Now that I was making some progress, I needed to find storage items to set on the shelves. It was a bit tricky because the depth of these shelves limited a lot of my options so I just walked around Target and anything I liked I set on one of the shelves to see if it would work. It eliminated most of my options right away but then I came across this Threshold Storage Box in the kitchen section. I didn't love the chalkboard side for the purpose I was using it for, but the backside didn't have the chalkboard so it was a win.

Jewery Organization
They had more items of this collection including the Threshold Spoon Rest which would be perfect along with Threshold Geo Decal Bowls (the bowl set is no longer available on the Target website so this link is to collection but I think the set of 3 bowls was about $10-15). I only wanted the larger teal bowls out of the set of 3 so I had to buy 3 I didn't like the design on the front for the vibe I was going for in the bedroom but again, like the storage box, the back of the bowls was plain so I just turned them around.

Jewery Organization
you can see a bit of the design on the bowls from this angle
So now that I had the storage for my bracelets, earrings, and rings, I needed to find something for my necklaces. I went back to the section near the shelves as they had the larger jewelry boxes and I thought maybe they had something smaller that would work for my short necklaces. I found this Jewelry Tree that I actually liked the look of (I'm pretty picky) and would serve an awesome purpose of organizing my shorter necklaces.

Jewery Organization
At this point, all I had left was something to hang my long necklaces. In our last house we had a walk-in closet (oh how I miss it!) but one day I decided that nails hammered in to the wall were a great idea to hang up necklaces. Let's just say it wasn't pretty and Chris was PISSED, but it was hidden so it didn't matter too much, it served it's purpose. But since I no longer have the oh-so-glorious walk-in closet, the nail situation wasn't gonna happen here. I remember seeing a pin one time where someone had used a curtain rod to hang necklaces on. I liked the idea but I didn't like that I'd have to unclasp and re-clasp to take the necklace off the rod or to put it back on, again the laziness in me coming out. So the light bulb went off and I thought that I'd just hang shower curtain hooks from the rod. I picked up this Room Essentials Café Rod from Target before I checked out from my (pretty expensive) trip.

Jewery Organization
Since Target didn't have any shower curtain hooks in store that I liked (I was looking for the double hook ones for optimal storage) I looked at Menards which the next stop on my list and found these Simply Style Double Shower Hook.

Jewery Organization
I went home and figured out my placement on how I wanted everything set up and started hammering and screwing (no pun intended) away. When I was putting the shelves up I realized that I had some old Threshold Frameless Circle Mirrors from Target that I used in Adriana's room in our old house that would be perfect for this space. So I got the shelves and rod up and put all my jewelry away then put the mirrors up randomly for a little more décor feel.

Jewery Organization
I'm so in love with how this corner of the bedroom turned out. It serves a very functional purpose yet looks pretty.
Jewery Organization

 Also, I know that today is bound to be great because this song came up on Pandora as I was finishing this post:

I love me some J.T.
Have a great weekend and don't forget to send my birthday present ;)

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