Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"WILT" Wednesdays 3.12.14

Justin Bieber asshat

I thought this picture was fitting to start out WILT Wednesday this week due to the douche canoe that is Justin Bieber. I mean, have you seen his deposition videos that were recently released? Could he be any more cocky? I don't want to waste a lot of my time talking about him because he's not worth it but I just want to say that I won't be buying anymore of his music if he keeps acting like this. Well, I take that back, I will only buy his music if it's really good, or catchy, or applies to my life...oh hell, who am I kidding, I will still buy his music because I like it but I won't be happy that he's making money off of me!

Next of my list of asshats that need to be called out is the lady who constantly parks her vehicle kitty-corner at daycare while dropping off / picking up and taking up 2 spots. First of all, there are not a lot of parking spaces to begin with, and the fact that you drive a vehicle that's too long for you to control is not my problem. You either need to learn how to properly park your Avalanche or get a god damn smart car. I was so pissed this morning that I pulled in as close as I could next to her so that there was a mere inches between the front of our vehicles. Of course, that meant there was PLENTY of room to get in/out of the vehicles because that's how bad she parks. She gave me the death glare when I was getting Adriana out of the vehicle and she was getting in and I gave it right back to her. If this continues to happen she's going to be getting a "Worlds Shittiest Parker" card on her windshield. It sucks to always have to be the bearer of bad news but someone's gotta do it. I also think I need to start carrying chalk in my car....

asshole parking

Lastly on my shit list, is wet gravel roads. I am all for the melting of snow to bring on summer, but this interim period known as spring is killing me when it comes to the horribleness (yes it's a word) that is wet gravel roads. A lot of people like to use the term "soft" when it comes to the gravel road being wet and it pulling you all over while you're just trying to drive a straight line, I prefer the term "a hot mess." Seriously, yesterday morning not only was it just wet from the snow melting, but it was also raining. I almost went in to the ditch 3 times in a 2 mile span. I feel as though this is a sick trick that God is playing on me out of pure enjoyment watching me get mad. Well played God, well played.

I'll be back Friday with something house related!

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