Friday, March 14, 2014

The Perfect Gray

I have been striving for many years to find 'the perfect gray' paint color. Most are too blue or green and that's not what I'm looking for, I want black and white mixed together to make gray (they tell me that this wouldn't work but I'm still not convinced).

I have finally found that perfect gray paint color and am excited to share it with you so you don't have to search high and low like I did.
The color, ladies and gentlemen, is Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore and I'm in love!

Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore

I know it doesn't look like much from this swatch but it looks like ice cream on a hot day on your walls.

Exhibit A, B, & C:

Rockport Gray by Benjamin MooreRockport Gray by Benjamin Moore

Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore
The photos really don't do this color justice at all. We painted Rockport Gray in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway.
I also wanted to do an accent wall that wasn't super noticeable but gave the kitchen a little extra spice so I painted this wall in Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore:
Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore
This wall has paintable wallpaper that was there when we moved in and I've left it up for now. It adds some texture to the wall but doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME I"M WALLPAPER!"

You can see where the 2 walls meet the difference from Rockport Gray and Chelsea Gray. It's really a subtle change of color which I like.

If you remember, the wall used to look like this:

In the master, we used the Rockport Gray on 3 walls then painted an accent wall where our bed sits against. I've been in color love with dark purple for the past couple years and we actually used this exact same color in our master bedroom from our last home and I loved it so much I used it again. Let me introduce you to the delectable 'Raisin' from Eddie Bower Home at Lowes.

Raisin by Eddie Bauer Home

It looks a little lighter  in this picture but I would say the color next to our messy pillows at the bottom of the picture is pretty true to what it looks like.

And the two colors combined look amazeballs if I do say so myself:

Rockport Gray by Benjamin MooreRaisin by Eddie Bauer Home

Sorry, I feel like this post was all over the place but that's pretty much how my brain works.
I just have so much to share that sometimes I don't really know where to start, what order I should post, and so on. It's just really hard to be pretty and have to think at the same time...ugh....I'm kidding of course! I'm both pretty and smart ;)

Have a great weekend!

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