Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"WILT" Wednesdays 3.19.14

You want to know what really irks me? Well of course you! Nail polish that chips within 2 days of putting it on. I mean really, I work at a desk, haven't done dishes, and played on my iPad. Can someone please explain to me why my nail polish chips so easily while basically doing nothing?

I use a base coat, do 2 coats of polish, and a top coat. I also use good nail polish, Essie this time to be exact. I just don't get it and probably never will. Sigh. On the other hand, it's a really pretty color:

Essie Madison Ave-Hue
 It's Essie "Madison Ave-Hue" and it's a gorgeous pink color with just a hint of sparkle. So you can't see the sparkles unless it hits the light just perfectly.

I think I'll probably talk about Mother Nature in every WILT Wednesday post until winter is over because I despise it that much. So, Mother Nature has been pretty good to use here in the Midwest the past week, we even hit the 60's! Yes, I know that's considered freezing temps for you pansies in the south, but to us, that's swimsuit weather.
Then yesterday, it was predicted that we get rain, then freezing rain, then 5-8 inches of snow...seriously WTF. It's March you old hag known as Mother Nature, how about we get an early jump on spring, eh? So how did we turn out you may be wondering....well we got a little bit a freezing rain (no rain) and probably about an inch, maybe two, in some areas. While I'm SUPER happy that we didn't get a ton of snow I just can't help but dream about being a Meteorologist. It's your job to predict, aka guess, what the weather is going to do. And if you wrong? Oh well! It's no big deal because no one can really predict the future. I would like it put it out there that I would be the perfect candidate for a job where I just need to guess at what I'm doing and won't get in trouble if I'm wrong, does anyone know who's looking for someone like that? Yeah, me either.

meteorologist ecard
I'm going to end today's WILT Wednesday on a positive note and list a few things that are always making me happy:

1. My sex-pot of a husband, Chris
Diedrich Wedding Photo
from our wedding (almost 4 years ago!)

2. My little princess, Miss Adriana

Adriana - 16 months
photo by Ashley Photography

3. My asshole of a dog, Roxy

Roxy snuggling
Snuggling with me in bed
Okay so she's not always an asshole, but the dog is house trained and still shits and pisses on the floor when she's upset with us and she's a bit of a princess. She doesn't like cold weather so she will do 'her business' on the deck or right outside the door so her paws don't get too cold. She sleeps with us in the bed and is normally under the blankets until she gets hot or one of us Dutch Ovens her and she comes out for air and sleeps like human with her head on the pillow and body under the blanket. Don't believe me? Case in point:

Like I said, she's a bit of a princess. And I know it's our fault she's like this but she was (and still is) our first 'baby'.

There are a lot of other things that make me happy but none of which will ever amount to these 3 so I'm cutting off the list here. In my best camel voice, I'd like to wish you all a happy HUUUMP DAAAY!