Monday, March 10, 2014

Favorite Pinterest Finds - Weekly Roundup 3.10.14

Happy Monday! (I say that with the most sarcastic tone ever) I mean who is ever happy that it's Monday? Not me that's for sure. I am still imaging what I could be doing rather than being at work and that list includes:
1. Sleeping
2. Getting ready to watch The Price is Right
3. Sleeping
4. Snuggling with Adriana and Roxy
5. Sleeping
6. Oh, did I mention Sleeping?
If you can't tell, this girl loves her sleep. Although, since I'm already awake I might as well be somewhat productive and provide you with my very first ever Favorite Pinterest Finds!

First we have to start out with the best.find.ever. I'm not even joking, this is life changing! Everyone take a seat and let me introduce to you..............

Peep S'mores!

Peeps Smores for Easter by
These are perfect for Easter! Check it out at Eclectic Recipes
Next up are these awesome outlet covers that have LED lights built in to them. You can just install these in place of your current outlets and they can detect the light around them so they know when to turn on and turn off.

LED outlet covers
Find them at Tree Hugger
I found these hand painted signs and thought it would be such a fun and easy DIY project and would be perfect for our Master Bedroom:

Hand Painted Sign by fouronefivedesigns
If you're not in to trying to DIYing these yourself, you can order your own from FourOneFiveDesigns via Etsy.
The Crumbs featured these amazing Essie Colors for Summer last year. Although they aren't a new colors, they are definitely still a must have for this year!
                                        Essie Spring/Summer colors
This DIY headboard using an old door is such an easy way to get a new look but stay on a budget:
DIY Upholstered Door Headboard
Check out the step-by-step tutorial at Buildipedia
I saw this Pom Pom Rainbow craft for kids and thought this would be so fun to do with Adriana for a St. Patrick's Day craft:
Childrens Craft - Pom Pom Rainbow
Depending on the age of the child you may need to help them out or let them go wild by themselves but Danya from Dayna Bayna used this as a great teaching tool for color recognition.
And lastly, I found this Sunday night and found it quite fitting seeing as no one really wants to come to work on Mondays:

Monday Funny
I don't think this excuse would work for me but it sure if funny! The link for this picture goes to Email From Grandma but the state 'page not found' when I try to pull up this exact image.
Well I hope y'all enjoyed my fav pins from the past week and I hope your Monday goes as fast as your ass does when you're running to the toilet with diarrhea :)

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