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Moroccan Style Feature Wall

DIY Moroccan Style Feature Wall

Before we moved in to the farm house, I knew I wanted to do a feature wall in the living room on the far wall that you can see when you walk in the house from the door by the kitchen.

living room and dining room before
picture from the day we moved in - see the full house tour here
You can see through the kitchen, dining room, and living room and with the brick archway, I knew I didn't want anything too crazy but I wanted more than just an accent wall that's a different color, so I started looking for stencils.

I Googled and Pinterested my ass off and finally found this tutorial from 'While They Snooze' and instantly fell in love with the look. It's a Moorish Trellis style stencil that's made from finding the exact shape you want and creating a stencil from cardboard. I used the same shape from the tutorial, I just made it a little bit smaller as I wanted more detail on the wall.

Steps to complete this look yourself:

1. Find the look you want for your stencil. I used this one.
2. Save the picture to your computer as a PDF
3. Print the stencil in Adobe using the tile all pages feature. This will allow you to print the picture on 4 pages to be taped together to make the paper stencil. If you just print on 1 sheet of paper, you are going to have to do a really small stencil. Play around with the tile scale until you get the desired size.
4. Line up the 4 pages of the stencil and tape together then cut out.
5. Lay the paper stencil on a piece of cardboard and trace but don't throw away the paper stencil just yet.
6. Cut out the cardboard stencil. I used an exacto knife to do this so I got nice clean lines.
7. Tape a small level to the cardboard stencil to insure that your stencil is always straight and level while tracing.
8. Pour yourself a BIG glass of wine
9. Turn on the Amish Mafia marathon :)
10. Pick a spot on the wall where you want to start tracing. **I randomly picked a spot in the middle of my wall and it ended up being a great spot because the design lined up perfectly so that each side of the wall has a half part of the stencil and the ends perfectly at the top of the wall. If I were to re-do this again, I would think logistically on how I want the stencil to look on the ends and top of the wall and not leave it to Lady Luck**
11. Trace the stencil on the wall using a pencil until the design fully covers the wall. For the ends/top/bottom of the wall, use the paper stencil that I told you not to throw away in step 5. This will be much easier to bend and maneuver than the cardboard stencil, plus you won't have to ruin it by bending it a bunch.
12. Step back and look at the amazingness! Just kidding, unless you have a white wall, you will hardly see the pencil marks.
13. Refill that glass of wine that ran out 4 hours ago.
14. Using a short bristled craft brush and paint, start tracing the pencil marks by hand. Your lines will not be perfectly straight but unless your standing really close to the wall and looking for it, you'll never be able to tell that your lines aren't perfect.

DIY Moroccan Style Feature Wall
up close picture of the stencil - see how the lines aren't perfect
DIY Moroccan Style Feature Wall
and from a little farther away

15. Once you have gone over all the pencil lines with paint and your rocking a claw hand from all the precise work you just did, take a huge sigh of relief and take in the glory of how great the wall looks.

DIY Moroccan Style Feature Wall
The entire process, starting from after I found the stencil I wanted to use, took me about 15 hours total. I know that sounds like a lot of time but it's really not that bad if you break the steps up in to different days. I did steps 1-7 one day, steps 8-12 I did on a Saturday night, and steps 13-15 I did over a few weeknights.

I am absolutely in love with this wall and wouldn't change a thing about it! Total, this project cost me nothing because I had the supplies on hand, but if you didn't, it shouldn't be more than $20, depending on the paint/size you select.

DIY Moroccan Style Feature Wall

The walls are Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore and the white paint is just a standard white you can buy off the shelf, I didn't have any color added to it as I wanted a true white.

Now that you've read the entire post I want to apologize for the shitty pictures. I took them all right after I had completed the painting because I was so freakin' proud of myself, but it was dark out and I was using my iPhone, hence the craptasticness of the quality.

Have a great Friday!

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