Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Painting & Fall Decor

Last weekend I took the adventure of painting pumpkins with my one year old. I was ready for a disaster but it actually went very well.

I laid out an old bed sheet on our dining room floor, stripped Adriana down to her diaper, put some acrylic paint on a paper plate, and let her go to town on the pumpkin.

Exhibit A:

Before we started painting, I used painting tape to make an "A" on each side of the pumpkin. That way, after the paint was smeared all over the pumpkin, I could pull the tape off and it would have a "design."

She had a great time painting the pumpkin and it was very easy clean-up since I used acrylic paint. I highly recommend it to any parent thinking about letting their kids decorate pumpkins.

I also did a little pumpkin painting myself, although they didn't turn out as pretty as Adriana's. I did a "Welcome" pumpkin for to sit on our island to greet guests as they come in to our house, as well as a family name pumpkin to display on our front porch. Around both pumpkins I added some fall decor to spice it up a little. I also decorated our dining room table and coffee table.

Please don't judge me for the messy house in the background of some of those pictures, I promise it's not always that messy! (okay, that's a total lie but it makes me feel better about myself to say that)
Have a great weekend!

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