Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First look

Welcome to Fabulous Farm Life! 
I've decided to start this blog to keep track of the decorating and DIY projects and so everyone can see the updates without having to drive out to BFE to see the house. :)

Before we get started with all the pictures from before we moved in, let me sincerely apologize for horrible quality of the pictures. I had to snap them all quickly on my phone before our stuff started to be brought in.

Okay, now let's get to the good!! (Warning: there's a lot of them!)

Home Sweet home

Looking west down the driveway at some of the sheds

Front deck

Screened in porch off the back of the house

Sorry for the mess in the garage! Through the sliding doors is the screened in porch.

The teal door on the left is the entrance to the house.

And the view when you walk through the door! Looking at the dining room and living room.

The kitchen

Dining room and living room

Hallway leading to Bedroom 1 (Master), the bathroom, and Bedroom 2 (Adriana's room)

View from the dining room sliding doors

view from bay window in the living room

View of dining room and kitchen from the living room
(just noticed Adriana is in this picture...hi peanut!)

Bedroom 1 (Master) at the end of the small hallway

looking at the hallway from bedroom 1 (Master)
the bathroom (the color on the walls more of a gold not so much yellow like it looks in the pictures)
Bedroom 2 (Adriana's Room)

Bedroom 3 (guest room 1) - straight ahead
Small closet on the right
Stairs to basement on the left
FYI - this is right off the door when you walk in to the kitchen from the garage

view of stairs looking up from the basement

family room in the basement

wet bar

Bedroom 4 (exercise room)

Bedroom 5 (guest room 2)

Utility / Storage / Shower room
Storage under the stairs

Shower with storage room in the background

storage room

Well there it is! Hope you enjoyed the house tour.
I have big plans for all the changes I want to do so be sure to check in often!

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